CSA Certified Tiny Home Builders in Canada?

Please be aware, at that time of this writing, in Canada, there are only a very small amount of CSA certified builders of tiny houses on wheels. It would seem from some investigation on our part, that more than that are advertising their business compliance with “CSA approved” or “certified” (to A277, Z240, Z241 and […]

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Sheep’s Wool for Insulation?

Originally published 9/25/2015 Wool has some unique properties that make it one of nature’s most amazing fibres!  If you are building a small home, we recommend giving sheep wool insulation some examination. Here are some top reasons why: Air Purifying – Natural sheep’s wool actually absorbs and filters toxins from the air around it– indefinitely. Doing so, gives […]

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Tiny Homes: The Romance Mislead?

Originally Published 12/31/2014 Revised 02/02/2017 Tiny house living (or similar) is not an entitlement to living a fairy tale. There are some massive, pervasive misconceptions about tiny home / micro-house building and ownership. In the last year of two, a romance notion that has permeated the pop culture and can fail to tell the entire scope […]

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