Sheep’s Wool for Insulation?

Originally published 9/25/2015 Wool has some unique properties that make it one of nature’s most amazing fibres!  If you are building a small home, we recommend giving sheep wool insulation some examination. Here are some top reasons why: Air Purifying – Natural sheep’s wool actually absorbs and filters toxins from the air around it– indefinitely. Doing so, gives […]

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Tiny Homes: The Romance Mislead?

Originally Published 12/31/2014 Revised 02/02/2017 Tiny house living (or similar) is not an entitlement to living a fairy tale. There are some massive, pervasive misconceptions about tiny home / micro-house building and ownership. In the last year of two, a romance notion that has permeated the pop culture and can fail to tell the entire scope […]

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