What is to be gained from living a less consumptive life?

In the first part of our minimalist series, I explored why there is no right way to be a minimalist. The next logical question is why you would want to pursue a minimalist lifestyle and be a ‘minimalist’? 1) More Money in Your Pocket. When you have identified what is important in your life, naturally, you […]

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There Is No ‘Right Way’ to Be Minimalist

by Brittany Bruce Minimalism is having an ‘in vogue moment’ right now. Minimalist and simple living blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels are popping up all over the internet. At its core, minimalism Is about making priorities for how you want to live your life. However, there is a common misconception about what minimalism ‘looks’ like in […]

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Sheep’s Wool for Insulation?

Originally published 9/25/2015 Wool has some unique properties that make it one of nature’s most amazing fibres!  If you are building a small home, we recommend giving sheep wool insulation some examination. Here are some top reasons why: Air Purifying – Natural sheep’s wool actually absorbs and filters toxins from the air around it– indefinitely. Doing so, gives […]

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