Tiny Houses National Building Code (NBC) Change Request Submitted

ATTN: CANADA  Documentation has been submitted the week of March 20, 2017 to the National Research Council (NRC), Tiny Houses National Building Code (NBC) Change Request. The following is a list of all of the code change requests that have been prepared to address issues identified with tiny houses: • CCR_ Div.A, of Code • CCR_ […]

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How do I insure my tiny house?


Originally Published 11/28/2016 Updated 03/19/2007 In the last few months, this is one of the hottest questions asked of us and others involved the Canadian Tiny House concept, “how do I insure my tiny house?” Sometimes straightforward; though, mainly what the tiny house is on wheels (or ‘THOW’), not so much.   If you are not […]

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A Call for Standards!

Originally published 11/16/2015 Edited 02/02/2017 A critical failure of various governments is not to reevaluate some antiquated building standards; some laws and regulations are preventing people from obtaining sustainable and affordable housing. In many municipalities, the minimum size you can have for a dwelling is dictated. How/if you can be off-grid is also determined. What services you […]

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Robinson Residential (Regina, SK) & The Dragonfly-159

Originally published 10/8/2015 Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, for nearly two decades, Robinson Residential has offered a full range of design services including site design, preliminary design, interior layouts and multifamily project planning for both new construction and renovations. Known for creative home plans based on a variety of architectural styles, attention to detail and for providing […]

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