New Website!

Well, it was not as smooth of a journey as intended, but we did it!  Our new website is up as of March 15, 2016.
While with much of the same content we have refined our platform and writing to be far more beneficial (we hope) to those seeking knowledge and wisdom regarding tiny houses and other affordable housing ideas.
We thank the many folks who offered suggestions and feedback on our old site as well as the hundreds of people we have spoken within the last few years.  Many of your questions and struggles helped us create a more comprehensive website.


A community forum: visit and register to our forum– a digital meeting space for like-minded individuals!

Policies and People: We have various policies we are sharing with the public, so you know what our intentions and service is. We are also showing our members and volunteers who make THAC great.

Process Tips: New content here!  More details and tips for those starting to think about going tiny.

FAQ: Have questions? We have been listening and have put together the common ones we are often asked to help with.

Cleaner, smarter and sharper: Overall the language, imagery and mission are clearer; reflecting our organisational structure and passion for helping Canadians!


Thank you,

– THAC Board of Directors