We support both a thriving industry & sustainable lifestyle for those who wants to go tiny!

The Tiny Home Alliance is a Canadian not-for-profit organization founded in 2014 and was Canada’s first online resource for accessing Tiny Home information. Our purpose is to provide an online and personal resource for Canadians who are curious about alternative housing, such as tiny homes, micro homes, earth-ships, yurts and more.

Initially, the hope and vision were for others to gather together and form a Canadian Alliance so that effective change could take place. Since its inception, more people have become interested in networking, organizing and activism regarding tiny houses; the organization

has grown from two members to an established board of directors, with over a dozen volunteers and allies who are all fervently networking with other organizations and individuals for the same goals in mind.

All our members believe that every Canadian deserves the dignity of affordable housing and that citizens should determine the notion of what is an acceptable home size.


“We believe that this is not a trend in Canada. This is an industry, one that can benefit jobs, housing attainability, and bring dignity to fellow Canadians.” - Robert L, Director


Since the fall of 2017, THAC is a registered not-for-profit organization in Canada! With a plan of development, activism and positive change, our need for funding and volunteers are ongoing. We welcome any amount of skill or financial help you can give. Want to contribute? Click here to donate!

Our Directors & Volunteers


Pamela Robertson, President


Shauna Higgins, Treasurer


Patti Cuthbert, Director at large

Leigh Bursey

Leigh Bursey, Executive Director


Sharla Robertson, Secretary


Barbara Rowe, Director at large

Heather Fritz

Heather Fritz, Vice President

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