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THAC Membership, Advertising & Donations

By THAC | Mar 28, 2018

Tiny Home Alliance Canada (THAC): Latest news for getting organized Membership Our working process for membership has launched! Be part of our directions and goals for inclusions of tiny homes and other affordable housing options in Canada. To learn more about the voting and non-voting membership classes and become a member, click here Listings and…

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Why go tiny?

By THAC | Mar 18, 2018

In a world of over-consumption and poorly distributed (finite) resources, tiny homes offer long-term sustainability solutions including the security and freedom that comes from owning less debt and fewer possessions. By our research, the chief reason people downsize to “tiny” is a desire to simplify their lives. Other common causes include housing affordability, ecological stewardship,…

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Who goes tiny?

By THAC | Mar 15, 2018

Millions of people around the world live in modestly sized homes which have long been the norm. For example in Europe where most people live in flats. Here in North America, the industry has been underway for several years; some suggesting that it gained ground in the US after the 2008 financial crises. Since then…

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Support the Cause

By THAC | Dec 20, 2017

Nearly three years to the date of this writing, Tiny Home Alliance Canada (THAC) was born from a concept of HOPE and improvement for housing options in Canada. Now, THAC operates with a committed board of directors, is a registered as an official not-for-profit organisation within Canada, and set up for financial integrity! Further, we…

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Why a casual capsule wardrobe works for me

By THAC | Oct 23, 2017

By, Robert Leonardo, THAC Around two months ago I removed a pile of shirts from my closet. Not just a purge of shirts I no longer wore, but those I frequently wore. I replaced the majority of my shirts with one brand, one style, one colour T-shirts, my favourite type of shirt. I am writing…

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CSA Certified Tiny Home Builders in Canada?

By THAC | Sep 20, 2017

Please be aware, at that time of this writing, in Canada, there are only a very small amount of CSA certified builders of tiny houses on wheels. It would seem from some investigation on our part, that more than that are advertising their business compliance with “CSA approved” or “certified” (to A277, Z240, Z241 and…

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Are We Losing The Soul of The Tiny House Movement?

By THAC | Jun 18, 2017

The following is a response to the question posed, on The Tiny Project by, Alek Lisefski. By Dan Byl Are more cluttered, upscaled, tech-heavy and luxury filled tiny homes ruining the tiny home movement? I don’t think so. A tiny home is a tool. It is a method of going about expressing a person’s values…

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What is to be gained from living a less consumptive life?

By THAC | Apr 17, 2017

In the first part of our Minimalist Series, I explored why there is no right way to be a minimalist. The next logical question is why you would want to pursue a minimalist lifestyle and be a ‘minimalist’? 1) More Money in Your Pocket. When you have identified what is important in your life, naturally,…

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There is no ‘right way’ to be minimalist

By THAC | Mar 21, 2017

By Brittany Bruce Minimalism is having an ‘in vogue moment’ right now. Minimalist and simple living blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels are popping up all over the internet. At its core, minimalism Is about making priorities for how you want to live your life. However, there is a common misconception about what minimalism ‘looks’ like…

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