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Why a casual capsule wardrobe works for me

By, Robert Leonardo, THAC Around two months ago I removed a pile of shirts from my closet. Not just a purge of shirts I no longer wore, but those I frequently wore. I replaced the majority of my shirts with one brand, one style, one colour T-shirts, my favourite type of shirt. I am writing…

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Are We Losing The Soul of The Tiny House Movement?

The following is a response to the question posed, on The Tiny Project by, Alek Lisefski. By Dan Byl Are more cluttered, upscaled, tech-heavy and luxury filled tiny homes ruining the tiny home movement? I don’t think so. A tiny home is a tool. It is a method of going about expressing a person’s values…

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What is to be gained from living a less consumptive life?

In the first part of our Minimalist Series, I explored why there is no right way to be a minimalist. The next logical question is why you would want to pursue a minimalist lifestyle and be a ‘minimalist’? 1) More Money in Your Pocket. When you have identified what is important in your life, naturally,…

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There is no ‘right way’ to be minimalist

By Brittany Bruce Minimalism is having an ‘in vogue moment’ right now. Minimalist and simple living blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels are popping up all over the internet. At its core, minimalism Is about making priorities for how you want to live your life. However, there is a common misconception about what minimalism ‘looks’ like…

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Take inventory of the heart, not possessions.

Originally posted 1/18/2015 By Robert L, THAC Over the last 10-15 years, entire industries have been founded and flourished teaching how-to and supplying consumers with goods to organise their in-home stuff. Organisations have formed, books and websites were written, professional designation titles such as, “Professional Organizers” have surfaced. Institutions glean and design plenty of clever…

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Robinson Residential & The Dragonfly 159

Originally published 10/8/2015 Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, for nearly two decades, Robinson Residential has offered a full range of design services including site design, preliminary design, Robinson Home Plans, interior layouts and multifamily project planning for both new construction and renovations. Known for creative home plans based on a variety of architectural styles, attention to…

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A call for standards!

Originally published 11/16/2015 A critical failure of various governments is not to reevaluate some antiquated building standards; some laws and regulations are preventing people from obtaining sustainable and affordable housing. In many municipalities, the minimum size you can have for a dwelling is dictated. How/if you can be off-grid is also determined. What services you…

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Open house success shows interest in tiny home movement!

By Jason Beisick Originally published 1/28/2016 I am not sure how it came about, but my wife somehow got interested in the whole Tiny Home movement that is sweeping across North America. One night while watching television she introduced me to a show called Tiny House Hunters on HGTV. I was immediately intrigued and wanted…

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Tomorrow, Less is More

By Robert Leonardo Originally published 12/07/2016 T.H.A.C. s immensely appreciative of Canadian news agencies for their efforts to cover the tiny house message. For nearly three years, many Canadian news outlets have offered some great content on the ‘tiny house trend’ and ‘movement’. Some news companies have done so numerous times and are ongoing. Because…

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