Please be aware, at that time of this writing, in Canada, there are only a very small amount of CSA certified builders of tiny houses on wheels.

It would seem from some investigation on our part, that more than that are advertising their business compliance with “CSA approved” or “certified” (to A277, Z240, Z241 and so on). One place one of our founding members called, when pressed for details, was not even sure what these standards were!

When shopping around, interrogate and have the company prove any certifications they have. Here is a helpful bit of information so you understand.

And this too.

Some of the future changes with Tiny Home Alliance Canada will be assisting consumers and builders in this process. Our directory will reflect such as we will be vetting and investigating claims of compliance and disclosing the information.

Until then (and even after) the best defense is the proper investigation from buyers.

Safety standards are not to be played with!

So how do you find out the truth? Ask the builder/seller to tell you who they are registered with for certification. For example, QAI is a registrar for various CSA standards like Z240, Z240RV, Z241.
Once you have that information, you will be able to search on the registrar’s website or call them to verify the information.


Robert Leonardo, THAC