FRC’s First Tiny Home Build

By Jason Beisick
Originally published 1/28/2016

I am not sure how it came about, but my wife somehow got interested in the whole Tiny Home movement that is sweeping across North America. One night while watching television she
introduced me to a show called Tiny House Hunters on HGTV. I was immediately intrigued and wanted in. I wasn’t sure how or in what capacity, but I wanted into the movement somehow.

That brought me to just simply doing a Google search and typing in “Tiny Houses Alberta”. One
of the first pages that came up in the search was “Finished Right Contracting: Tiny Homes”. For some reason, I choose that one, even though it wasn’t the top result. This brought me to the well-designed
web pages of a company based near Edmonton called Finished Right Contracting.

After perusing the site and what they had to offer, I emailed the company owner Steve Zaleschuk and told him about my new found love for the tiny home movement and also about my twenty or so odd years of doing drafting, estimating, design and project management.

I also mentioned I was looking to go out on my own and do some freelance drafting and that I would be willing to do some free work to build up my portfolio if he was interested. It turns out I emailed at just the right time as he mentioned he was looking for somebody to do some drawing work and maybe help out with some design.

I went out and met with Steve and had a look at a tiny he had in progress. We discussed building materials and methods and the movement. We both liked what each other had to say and set up a plan to work together and away we went.

On Sunday, November 6th I decided to head up to Steve’s to take in his Open House event where he not only had the tiny in progress on display but he also had his first tiny home build on display which was also featured on Tiny House Hunters.

His very first build was a 24-foot model which had the capabilities of being ‘hooked up’ or ‘off-grid’ for a woman who was looking to do a major downsize in her living arrangement. The current build he is working on is a 34-foot model that is actually for a family in which the gentleman is 6’7” tall.

Steve had a great response on his Facebook page and was expecting around 200 people to come by and take a look. It turns out close to 400 people came, and I spoke with a lot of them.

There were a lot of questions of course, most of which had to do with zoning and bylaws regarding size and placing of a tiny home. Afterwards, I spoke with Steve a little, and he said that there were a lot of people saying they were ready and interested in building a tiny home, but nowhere to put one. He also said that since he has started building tiny homes, he has had hundreds of emails of people

interested, but again, nowhere to put them.

Our takeaway from experience was that there is interest… BIGTIME!