Nearly three years to the date of this writing, Tiny Home Alliance Canada (THAC) was born from a concept of HOPE and improvement for housing options in Canada. Now, THAC operates with a committed board of directors, is a registered as an official not-for-profit organisation within Canada, and set up for financial integrity!

Further, we have a clear vision of how we can affect change in Canada… change to support a growing industry, secure the interests of communities and offer hope of a future where all people can have the dignity to live smaller or in alternative housing, without the current legal and social constraints.

We thank the supporters who got us here; however, we need your help more than ever! Becoming and maintaining a corporation has its operating costs, and we are inviting people and businesses to come along side us and help us grow!

To experience the joy of supporting such a great cause, please visit our donation page and give what you can. If you can’t help us financially, but still want to contribute, please contact us – we would love to hear from you! Oh, and please share this news!

Here’s to a bright and energetic 2018!

Thank you so much,

– The THAC Team