Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased that so many people are taking significant interest in our organization, and we are eager to tackle what lies ahead.

We recently held our 2020 Annual General Meeting, and we want to thank so many of you for participating. The enthusiasm left everyone feeling energized, even if the digital world can be unforgiving.

Our organization is going through a major renewal exercise, including a strategic plan, board relationship building exercises, and monumental government advocacy and lobbying efforts.

There is so much still to be done.

For those of you who have reached out to us through various channels but have yet to receive a formal response, rest assured that our volunteer-based organization is making every attempt to respond as promptly as possible. Between taking a sabbatical during the first wave of COVID-19, summer holidays and challenging schedules, and integrating new directors, sometimes responding and being effective can take more time than anticipated.

But we are eager to serve you!

As innovation continues, including 3-D printed homes, new variations of tiny homes on wheels, new tiny home communities, and new approaches to advocacy, there is much to focus our attentions on. And as we enter the post-COVID era, the ugly illustrations of poverty and homelessness have put a spotlight on affordable housing solutions. The desire for people to move away from urban sprawl and work from home has added an overwhelming emphasis on our sector.

The future is bright for micosuites, microhousing, modular homes, and tiny homes.

But we need your help! Continue to purchase memberships so that we can be stronger, help us spread the word about what we do, donate to the cause and keep sharing our posts so that we can reach more people.

We are so much stronger together.

Let’s think big, and build tiny!

Leigh Bursey
Executive Director
Tiny Home Alliance Canada