Originally Published 12/31/2014

Tiny house living (or similar) is not an entitlement to living a fairy tale. There are some massive, pervasive misconceptions about tiny home / micro-house building and ownership.

In the last year of two, a romance notion that has permeated the pop culture and can fail to tell the entire scope of what people can experience. These cute, often cozy looking homes capture the imagination and are abound with basic messages of a simpler, more peaceful life.

While that is true, have caution when you set out to live on your own. Any home construction and life change commitment can be a challenge for so many reasons. Things can and may go horribly wrong no matter how prepared and capable you are.

Downsizing to a prefabricated structure, building your own or any combination of the two, may involve reliance on others who may let you down. It may include government blocks, failed equipment, land ownership/rental issues, insurance issues, antiquated laws, poor services/supply, criminal behaviour and acts of nature. All can cause time delays, additional expenses and emotional hardships.

In light of ignorance that permeates the tiny home movement (mostly from the observers), you may even encounter vicious opposition or criticism.

Troubles like these can weigh on the emotions of getting the job done and taint the exciting vision that one can start with.

So what to do? Look, no matter what, follow what is right for you. Just be prepared that when you are pioneering an alternative lifestyle, a venture like this and like many things in life are– well, just life; something that is not all romance and very rarely a fairy tale.

After reading some accounts of how some tiny home builds have gone less than ideal for people, I guess I write this to let you know it is wise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. To remind potential tiny home owners that building a smaller house is not immune from struggles.

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