Documentation has been submitted the week of March 20, 2017 to the National Research Council (NRC), Tiny Houses National Building Code (NBC) Change Request.

The following is a list of all of the code change requests that have been prepared to address issues identified with tiny houses:

• CCR_ Div.A, of Code

• CCR_ Div.A, Houses_Def’s, Factory-Built

• CCR_ Div.A, Houses_Def’s, Mezzanine

• CCR_9.5.1.2._Tiny Houses_Combination Rooms

• CCR_9.5.3.1._Tiny Houses_Ceiling Heights

• CCR_9.5.5.1.(1)_Tiny Houses_Doorway Size

• CCR_9.5.5.3_Tiny Houses_Doorways Serving Bathrooms

• CCR_9.8.1.1._Tiny Houses_Stairs

• CCR_9.8.8.1._Tiny Houses_Guards

• CCR_9.9.10.1._Tiny Houses_Egress Windows

• CCR_9.10.19.3._Tiny Houses_Smoke Alarms

• CCR_9.23.13._Tiny Houses_Lateral Loads

The process for inclusion of new and updated standards to the NRC NBC are by no means a quick process, it is quite a feat to even have the documentation written and submitted– hats off to the authors on this!
THAC will also work to assist in any way we can to lobby change and help with revision and expedite the changes, hopefully before the next major NBC release, due 2020.

THAC will provide updates as they come regarding this excellent progress!