By Robert Leonardo

Originally published 12/07/2016

T.H.A.C. s immensely appreciative of Canadian news agencies for their efforts to cover the tiny house message. For nearly three years, many Canadian news outlets have offered some great content on the ‘tiny house trend’ and ‘movement’.

Some news companies have done so numerous times and are ongoing. Because of this, people are still picking up on the idea that tiny homes and alternate lifestyles present a reliable solution to some increasingly common problems among many demographics in Canada. Or simply people show how one can live where there is less opportunity to struggle; possibly even thrive– while not having to have a six-figure salary to get there! So counterculture.

As we look to 2017, our dream at T.H.A.C. is that these news stories become more in-depth. More poignant and rich with positive changes told; changes that make the option to live safe, sensible, sustainable and successful in whatever size home deemed necessary by the family or individual choice. Freedom to live a path where less is more, unlike today where less is too often suffering.

Change is past due, and I think that a great many Canadians share this sentiment. Too many are affected by the insane housing issues that are plaguing far too many places in Canada.

Oh, and we can stop calling it a trend now. Tiny homes are a viable and growing industry in Canada!