In a world of over-consumption and poorly distributed (finite) resources, tiny homes offer long-term sustainability solutions including the security and freedom that comes from owning less debt and fewer possessions. By our research, the chief reason people downsize to “tiny” is a desire to simplify their lives.

Other common causes include housing affordability, ecological stewardship, and the most critical nationwide issue — lack of affordable, well managed rental accommodations. Research indicates that a smaller house and less consumption can often represent 30-40% recovery of gross household income, with no loss of quality of life. Many tiny home dwellers report a higher quality of life as a result of having less; smaller spaces require less labour and maintenance.

Surveys show that 60% to 69% of tiny home owners are debt free and mortgage free (US 2016-2017 data).

“Being Green” is holding higher value to us as a nation. We are admitting the environmental impact the average home has as well our role in climate change. To not make changes will tax us and our great land to the point of greater strife. It seems our whole economic system is driven to use up the Earths finite resources.